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Agricultural Inspection

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Agricultural Inspection

Before becoming food in plates, agricultural products have been through many steps. For customers' safety, management of all these steps is necessary. Our experienced laboratories are providing accurate testing for all the agricultural supply chain. We can test the pollution of soil, investigate contamination during transportation, the drug residues on products, heavy metal residues on the aquarium products, and all kinds of manufactured food required test. 


CATAN Biotech offering multiple pesticide residues exams for vegetables, fruits, beans, teas, herbs, wheat, and other agricultural products. Our world-leading laboratory utilizing liquid chromatography/ Mass spectrometer and gas chromatography/ Mass spectrometer to identify more than 300 items of pesticide residues. Catan biotech provides our services accordingly, we offer customized test combinations based on the regulations of final markets (e.g US, EU, Japan, & China). Other single dose pesticides are available:

 - Fipronil

 - Diquat

 - Paraquat

 - Haloxyfop

 - Anthraquinone anthrachinon

 - Diafenthiuron and its metabolite

 - Perchlorate

 - Cartap

 - Cyclaniliprole

 - Oxathiapiprolin

 - Isofetamid

 - Azadirachtin

 - Matrine

 - 2,4 - Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid

 - etc.

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