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Bio-engineering in ENVIRONMENT

The increasing human population brings huge effects on the planet. CATAN Bio utilizes our expertise in providing solutions to environments.  Such as waste control, bio-degradable material development, and environmentally safe product development, etc. 


Bio-engineering in HEALTH

Drug developing trials spend a decade of time and funds or more, this marathon higher the requirements of drug development. CATAN Bio funding research of natural substances that have potentials, such as health supplements research, natural substance production, and substance purification, etc.


Bio-engineering in AGRICULTURE

Demond for food is significantly increasing due to the increasing population. Agriculture can be upgraded in different ways, CATAN Bio offers Plant/Animal GMO solutions, Fertilizer development, and multiple greenhouse planting techniques, etc. 


Bio-engineering in INDUSTRY

Biotechnology can contribute to the industrial field by accelerating and break down the production process.  CATAN Bio providing supply production development, and fermentation methods development, etc to all the industrial field.

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