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Ingredients Testing

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Ingredients Test

Products are assembled by many different parts, once the final products are made, it is hard to know the ingredients. Therefore, countries around the world have established their own regulation (e.g. Nutrition facts label) to require cooperations to obey. We have worlding-leading resources to define and quantify ingredients in final products. Our services include nutrient and composition analysis, food allergen test, and shelf-life testing, etc.


Nutrients & Composition Analysis: to offer convenience to corporations we provide a testing package that includes all the ingredients that need to be list on the package. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, sodium, and many other choices.

Allergen Test: allergen control is part of food safety management, the resources of allergens may not only come from ingredients but also cross-contaminated during transportation and production. Our 11 allergens testing includes milk, peanuts, gluten, soy, and others. We can define a low amount of allergen that present in the products.

Food shelf-life Test: quality of food may turn bad during transportation and/or undesired storage. To find out the best conditions to maintain the stability and flavor of your products, we have fully equipped laboratories that can help with.

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