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Packages/Materials Testing

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Packages & Materials Testing

Contaminations will not only cause by the objects/Food itself, pollutions from other resources that transfer to context might also be harmful to humans.  Recently, people start to notice the resources of pollution might not only come from the products themselves, but also the external resources. Plastic materials could include, BPA, PFAS, heavy metal, & other harmful substances, etc. which will cause cancer, memory loss, and reproductive organ diseases.



Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (1958)

Code of Federal Regulation (C.F.R) title 21 on food and drugs, Part 176-186

Food Contact Notification (FCN) Program


Regulation (EC) No 21935/2004 - materials and articles intended to come into contact with food


 - Ceramics

 - Glass

 - Metal

 - Paper and Board

 - Plastics

 - Printing Inks

 - Wax

 - Wood

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