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Laboratory Services

CATAN provides 1000+ laboratory services, all of the requests will be perform and verify by world-leading laboratories. We also offer customized testing, contact our team to plan your services. 

Microorganisms Test

Build up of microorganisms could directly lead to illness. They are too small to be observed, the resources of these microbes are various. To test whether they exist, we providing diversifying strains of Bacteria, Fungus, and Viruses for our customers. 

Virus Studies

Packages/Materials Test

Packages redefined modern human life, providing easy access to carrying objects. However, the chemicals contained in materials and the environment during manufacturing may lead to cancer, memory injury, and other health concerns. 

Ingredients Test

According to food and packaging regulations from countries. Nutrients, ingredients, and allergic labeling are required on the food package. Other food contaminations, drug residues, radiation, and heavy metal are also available.


Instrument Adjustment

Accurate is our commitment and priority. We offer collaboration services to small devices in the laboratory. Such as pipettes, scales, balance, etc.

Algriculture Inspection

Agriculture is one of the basic components in our daily living, to ensure the safe use of these farm products. we offer GMO, genotyping, drug residues tests to help our customers.


How It Works


* Establish your test                projects, protocols, and         details.

*The plan will based on your   demands.

* Customized test available.


* Quotation will includes          different combinations.

*Customers can decided the    most efficient plan to            perform the test.


* Pack the sample and send    with free shipping label.


* We will follow up while the    test is running.

* The report will be send          out once available.

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